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Cold Case Hot Guilt

I like Cold Case. I know. I’m sorry.

Andrew’s Mother, Beverly, likes mystery novels. Whodunnits mainly, but other stuff too. She has this thing where, she can’t read–or buy–mystery novels that aren’t brand new anymore. She’ll get like half way through a book, maybe more, and all of the sudden it’ll twig–’I've read this before! I know how it ends!’. They reissue Mystery books all time. All the time with new covers, even under different titles. And so unless something is a first printing, brand new, she won’t pick up the books anymore.

I always thought “How can you not know if you’ve read a book before?” Especially not until like, half way through it, or more.

Cold Case just came back from the third commercial break into a scene and I was like “Oh fuck, that guy did it.” Took me 20+ minutes.

Sorry Bev.

- Christopher

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