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We are moving. June 1st. To the ‘gay ghetto’ (heh) at Yonge and Carlton.


  1. 24 hour everything at my corner! Shopper’s Drug Mart, Sobeys, Convenience Stores, everything! 24 hours!
  2. Directly on top of a subway station!
  3. Directly on top of The Carlton Cinema, a great dual mainstream/arthouse theatre.
  4. A whole new neighbourhood to explore!
  5. Only 3 blocks from original Toronto Guu, same distance as I currently am to Guu2 in Annex.
  6. The new place has a pool! And a terrace! And a fitness room! and a 7 foot deep, 20 foot long deck!
  7. It is on the 23rd floor so great cross-breezes in summer.
  8. It’s a two bedroom so even though it’s a bit smaller, there’ll be a better separation of space. I will have an office!
  9. It’s right in the village and I’ve never lived there. It’ll be neat to have the gayborhood as a stomping grounds.
  10. It’s not that small, which means we can still keep a lot of our stuff, which we have worked very hard to accumulate.
  11. It’s small enough that it’s forcing us to really clean and get rid of stuff, which is probably a very good thing.
  12. It’s forced us to be creative about how we want the space to be set up, so that we can still entertain and have people over without it seeming that cramped. Drinks with friends, board games, video games, all still possible in the new place, which is good. As long as you don’t want to sit on a couch.


  1. It’s smaller. The first wave of ‘getting rid of stuff’ is easy. It’s the second and third waves, to really pare down to what’s essential in a small space, that’s hard. If we were uprooting to Japan and we could only take three suitcases each, it’d actually be much, much easier. Grab the things you love the most, that are the most useful, and throw the rest in storage [parent's house] until you get back. This is different… storage is an option, but there’s a fine line between “this is an item that I won’t interact with for a full year but I love it and want to keep it forever,” and “hoarding”. I have too much of the latter. WE have too much of the latter, which just compounds the problem.
  2. It is far from work, which means I have to start riding the TTC, which is… lame. At least I’ll get 15 minutes of reading in each day…? Except for days where it is broken? Maybe I’ll work from home more.
  3. It’s considerably more expensive. I looked at a post I made in March of last year, about how “$1500 a month is about a hundred bucks more than we can comfortable afford,” and this is more than that. Plus the cost of a metropass now. Can you say “significant lifestyle change”?


  1. Moving. I really feel comfortable here, and what’s wrong with seeking comfort? It’s not exactly a bad situation we have going, although prior to living with me Andrew hadn’t lived in the same place for more than 2 years since he moved out of Hamilton. He’d been itching to move even before the eviction came through, though I think it’s pretty clear that we would’ve both preferred to do so on our own timeline.
  2. But.
  3. Moving, doing something different–even if it’s as small as a change of scenery within the same city–maybe that will be good?
  4. Maybe this isn’t so much a neutral as an unknown?

Anyway. I just wanted to get all of that out of my head an onto the page[screen]. And let you know what was up. And that we’re moving on-or-around June 1st. And if you wanna help out feel free to let me know. :)

- Chris

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  1. Kayla says

    Gahh I feel your getting rid of prized possessions pain. I hope all goes well- I think it’ll be a good change. That balcony could be fantastic in the summertime- and POOL! That’s definitely a win!

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