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We are in. Move was a breeze thanks to many awesome friends who helped out.

We’re about 75% unpacked, all the major things are in place. Still no TV or video games set up, all the books are on the wrong shelves, but at least I’ve stopped banging my shins and toes on random boxes of god-knows-what.

I cracked why I’m not delighted by the new place, which is frankly an upgrade in every way except ‘proximity to work’ and ‘ability to have big comfy couch’.

I’d never been forced to move out of a place that I was comfortable before. I know this probably won’t elicit a lot of sympathy, but prior to this move every place I’d lived I was more-than-ready to leave, and so getting into the new place was both a relief and even a necessity. This one, all the work of packing, moving, unpacking, and the tumultuous change that came with it, I hadn’t really mentally prepared myself for it. ¬†Frankly I didn’t really have time.

Part of it is also the post-TCAF doldrums, which haven’t shaken off for at least a few months in the past. Luckily I’ve been so busy that it hasn’t hit me that badly, but it’s certainly contributing.

I’m actually pretty happy with the new space, overall. A few small changes, a few things to get used to, and lots and lots to do, but overall it’s been a very positive change so far.

I do miss the cable TV though.

- Chris

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